Northfold Primary School News

Northfold Primary School News

The Rossall Beach Group nominated Northfold Primary for a NEW playground and they need YOU to help them to WIN!

Alison Wilson, Headteacher at Northfold says “The Rossall Beach Group have kindly nominated us to participate in a TerraCycle and Tesco competition to win a playground for our school.

“You can vote for Northfold to WIN this amazing prize at

“The school with the most votes will win a playground made from the recycled plastic which TerraCycle produce.

“Please ask friends and family to vote for us too! There is a ‘Top 10’ list on the site. We’re at the top and we’d like you to help us to stay at number one!

More about Team Eco and Terracycle

Team Eco at Northfold School have joined the ‘TerraCycle Febreze Air Care and Home Recycling Programme’.

There is a collection box in school where children can donate plastic items from the list below. The items will be sent to TerraCycle who then pay money to the school for all the items which are collected. This money will be used to support school projects.

Please let friends and family know that we are collecting these items so that we can raise lots of money!

They are recycling AIR AND HOMECARE PRODUCTS ONLY including:

– plastic bottle caps and plastic trigger heads (such as kitchen/bathroom cleaner sprays and caps. NOT BOTTLES.)

– flexible wipe packaging (used for home cleaning products)

– pumps and caps for home cleaning products

– plastic air freshener packaging (please remove any cardboard and recycle these with your household collections)

– plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges.

Win a playground

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