Shopkeepers Code

Shopkeepers Code

‘Care for Cleveleys’ is a virtual community group.

Join the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ Facebook group here and share your kind actions.

We’re all picking up litter and looking after Cleveleys. It’s not always someone elses job – you don’t have to always walk past it and watch it blow! It’s a simple, quick action that can make a difference – and it’s something that we can all do!

At the 2015 Car Show, Visit Cleveleys was talking to a man on holiday from Reading. He couldn’t get over how clean Cleveleys is – not like where he lives. And we can all help to keep it even cleaner still! #CareforCleveleys

Shopkeepers Code

Cleveleys is very lucky to have a strong and vibrant town centre. It’s a mutual relationship where residents and visitors benefit from the convenience, the jobs and strong local economy which it creates, and the shop keepers benefit from our trade. 

The town centre is also a very big part of our local geography and has the ability to make a good or a bad impression on people.

Five Simple Steps

We love Cleveleys and think it’s a great town centre – and with just a little bit of effort from everyone it could be absolutely down-right wonderful! 

So we’ve created the ‘Care for Cleveleys Shopkeepers Code’. If you’ve got a shop or business premises, will you sign up and join the members list?

Tesco Cleveleys are first to sign up in June 2015…

1. Have a look at the front of your shop and make sure that it’s clean and tidy

2. Are there any problems at the back of your shop? Can rubbish blow about, are visible areas tidy and clean? How does it impact on the surroundings?

3. Pledge to keep up to any ‘problem areas’ at the front or back

4. Tell all your staff about ‘Care for Cleveleys’ and ask them to buy into the project, keep their eyes open and keep Cleveleys clean and tidy

5. Share the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ message with your customers with a poster and/or leaflets and by word of mouth

That’s it. Very simple – you’re probably doing it already – so why not share the message and spread the word about looking after the town where you trade?

More About Care for Cleveleys

Find out more about Why we Care for Cleveleys

Tesco Cleveleys - first to sign up to the Shopkeepers CodeTesco Cleveleys – first to sign up to the Shopkeepers Code

Barista Cleveleys sign up to Care for CleveleysBarista Cleveleys sign up to Care for Cleveleys

Fredericks sign up to Care for CleveleysFredericks sign up to Care for Cleveleys

Care for Cleveleys, Proper Litter Picker posterCare for Cleveleys, click on the image to download the Proper Litter Picker poster

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