What is Cleveleys Coastal Community Team?

What is Cleveleys Coastal Community Team?

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team is a group made up of local volunteers who are working with Wyre Council to make the seaside town of Cleveleys better than average. The Team is looking after the streets, making improvements and planning activities to attract people to the town, to keep it vibrant in the future.

What is a Coastal Community Team?

A Coastal Community Team (CCT) is a local partnership consisting of the local authority and people from a coastal community who have an understanding of the issues facing that area. They’re working together to develop an effective forward strategy for the place.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team
Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

Our CCT at Cleveleys is one of many in the UK, supported by DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government). Fleetwood, Blackpool and St Annes have all previously been awarded funding to establish Coastal Community Teams.

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This team was formed in 2017 and includes individuals and groups who already work for the benefit of Cleveleys, and will build on the good work done so far.

A Town Team Action Plan was put together and submitted to DCLG. It takes in to account both short and longer term community priorities and any existing plans and seeks to improve their impact. After accepting the plan, DCLG awarded a £10,000 grant in early 2017 to support the work of the team.


Cleveleys Coastal Community Teams Action Plan

Plans and Achievements

You can keep up to speed and find out how you can get involved with the Coastal Community Team through the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ Facebook group.

Updates from the CCT are published regularly online and through printed letter updates to the town centre businesses.

The completed achievements of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team can be found on this page – with the most recent ones at the top.

Get in touch

Email jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

Email kathryn.oakes@wyre.gov.uk

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team News Sheets

Take a look at the Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates page where you’ll find a link to download the latest printed update sheet. These are produced about every 6 months, printed out and hand delivered to the shops and businesses in Cleveleys.

Join the new Town Centre Team

Published July 2017

After the success of the Clean Sweep Day on 1 June 2017, a new Town Centre Team was formed. It’s part of the Coastal Community Team and continues the good work to look after the place.

Cleveleys Town Centre Team Cleveleys Town Centre Team

Meeting about every four weeks, they spend an hour or so looking after the plants and attending to any new jobs that are identified and need doing. It started off initially as a small group and is growing as people join and get involved.

If you look after a group who look for community projects to help on a one-off basis (like Scouts, Cadets etc) by all means get in touch and we can find them a job to do!

The group will provide you with a hi-viz vest, sacks and equipment.

Business Questionnaire

Published April 2017

Printed surveys were hand delivered to all local businesses in Cleveleys in April 2017.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Survey Feb 2017

This was your chance to have your say and to make your voice heard about what you think are issues in Cleveleys right now, and what would help to improve it for the future.

It’s also important that we collect contact details for each business so that we can keep in touch about plans and make sure that the Coastal Community Team achieves the best outcome.

Funding Awarded for Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

Published 26.2.17

The Department for Communities and Local Government has announced the award of £10,000 following a successful funding bid by Wyre Council.

The first step will be to establish the new Cleveleys Coastal Community Team with representatives from Cleveleys businesses and retailers, Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group, LeftCoast, visitor attractions, schools and churches. This will be a newly formed team and will include many individuals and groups who already work for the benefit of Cleveleys in many ways and will build on the good work done so far.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for economic development at Wyre Council, said ‘Cleveleys has some outstanding qualities including a nationally acclaimed and newly regenerated Promenade, the Mythic Coast artwork trail and the specially commissioned Sea Swallow book which the Coastal Community Team will look to capitalise on.’

Jane Littlewood, Chair of Cleveleys Town Team said ‘The first step will be to go back to basics and find out from businesses what their issues and aspirations are and this will help to shape the action plan. All Cleveleys town centre businesses will receive a questionnaire and are encouraged to return it and have their say.’

The next job for the team will be to draw up the Town Team Action Plan by the end of March 2017. This will take in to account both short and longer term community priorities taking on board any existing plans and seeking to improve their impact.

Coastal Community Teams from Coastal Communities Alliance

Grey planters planted up in Cleveleys

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Have a look at the Visit Cleveleys website homepage for more of the latest updates.

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