Care for Cleveleys

Care for Cleveleys

If you love Cleveleys and want to help to keep this town great, and make it even better, read on and join this virtual community group.

‘Care for Cleveleys’ is a virtual community group.

Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group here

We’re all busy. We’ve all got a lot to do. So although we’re well intentioned and think that lots of projects and groups are worthwhile, we never actually join in with them. 

So back in 2014, when Visit Cleveleys led the campaign to restore the then badly storm damaged clock shelter, we also started the new Care for Cleveleys Facebook group. 

We had a number of kind intentions:

It’s a way of talking to each other – egging each other on, sharing enthusiasm and positivity, completing projects and encouraging each other to do nice things – random acts of kindness – just like a real life community group would do if they met each week/month.

Share our actions – somewhere for people to share their kind actions like picking up litter, to encourage others to do the same. 

It’s about giving control back to local people – making it OK to pick up litter as you pass it. Making it normal to pull up weeds. Giving you back pride in where you live – just like your mum/grandma had in the 1900’s – rather than expecting someone else to do it all for you.

‘Live here or visit, we love it’ is our slogan, and that’s what it means.

It means local people, visitors, shop keepers, businesses – all have a stake in how good or bad the place is – and how between us we make it even better.

Care for Cleveleys – Three Years On

Fast forward to 2017, and Wyre Council have accessed a government grant to create and support a new ‘Coastal Community Team’ for Cleveleys.

Coastal Community Teams have been established all around the UK – they are about encouraging local people to work together and strengthen the local economy in our seaside towns. 

The Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group is now the Community Group for the Coastal Community Team. It’s where we can discuss and decide what needs doing, plan upcoming projects, and keep up to speed with developments. 

One simple rule: We’re not looking for negativity and criticism. The ‘carrot’ always has a better effect than the ‘stick’ and that’s what Visit Cleveleys has always been about – highlighting the many good things about the place, not complaining about the few things you don’t like.

If there’s something that can be improved we’ll talk about how we’re going to do something about it. No moaning, groaning or bashing anyone will be allowed. Positivity is the name of the game, which shouldn’t be difficult because you’re a great bunch of people anyway!

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Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group

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Restored Clock shelter at CleveleysThe clock shelter in Cleveleys. Restored and the clocks replaced in 2014 by the local community, led by Visit Cleveleys

Plaque inside the clock shelter

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