Cleveleys town centre joins the sea front and the Blackpool to Fleetwood tramway, for a good mix of local shopping by the sea.

Victoria Road West

Victoria Road West (below) is the main shopping street in Cleveleys town centre. 

It runs at right angles between the promenade and the Blackpool/Fleetwood tramway at Victoria Square.

Victoria Road West, Cleveleys town centre

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Have a walk along Victoria Road West in this short video clip –


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Google map of Cleveleys town centre

Victoria Road West starts at the promenade at the clock shelter (below). This is near to the open space on the promenade known locally as the Plaza.

Find out more about Cleveleys seafront here

Victoria Road West at the seawrad end near to the Clock Shelter and promenadeThe Clock Shelter and promenade at the seaward end of Victoria Road West

Cleveleys town centre
Looking along Victoria Road West from the sea, past the clock shelter, towards the tramway.

The side streets which join Victoria Road West are also lined in shops on both sides of the road.

Victoria Square

Victoria Road West crosses the tramway at Victoria Square in the centre of Cleveleys (below).

Cleveleys town centre at Victoria Square

Between the junction of the tramway and the next at the traffic lights at North Drive there are more shops on Victoria Road West. 

Continue heading inland and you next come to a big roundabout which is the junction for Morrison’s, Victoria Road East (to Thornton), Fleetwood and the A585.

Victoria Square

Crescent East and Rossall Road are the two approaches into Victoria Square alongside the tramway (below). There are shops along both sides of the road here too.

Victoria Square Cleveleys

Where the tramway cross through the middle of Victoria Road West, shops follow the tracks in both directions along Kelso Avenue heading south, and Rossall Road which is northwards.

Rossall Road in Cleveleys
Rossall Road – the tramway is on the left

Family Friendly Shopping by the Sea

Cleveleys is one of the best places for family friendly shopping by the sea.

When you’ve finished in the town centre, enjoy a lovely stroll along the sea front and beautiful promenade.

Cleveleys promenade at the end of the high street

You’ll find a really good mix of shops all close to each other, without having to walk a long way between shops like you would in some town centres.

Cleveleys town centre

Plus there are plenty of cafes and benches so you can make an afternoon of it and have five minutes to sustain yourself to carry on!

There are high street names at Cleveleys, side-by-side with local independents, and a really good mix of shops which includes clothes, food, supermarkets, furniture and homewares.

In fact, you could sustain yourself quite nicely with the shops at Cleveleys if you couldn’t, or didn’t want to, go elsewhere!

Street Scene

Cleveleys is a great place to watch the world go by. 

The main section of town centre has a wide pavement with plenty of benches and there are lots of pavement cafes too. Sit down for a while and you can bet you’ll end up chatting to someone!

Cleveleys town centre

There are often street entertainers and buskers playing in the town centre which makes for a nice atmosphere especially on a sunny day.

You’ll also find events things going on at Cleveleys – either on the high street or on the Plaza performance area on the promenade.

Parking, Buses and Toilets

There are three car parks in Cleveleys town centre.

On Rough Lea Road there is a short stay car park to the rear of Tesco.

There are two further long stay car parks on Derby Road which is just off Rough Lea Road, straight across from the bus station.

A long stay car park can be found on Cleveleys seafront at Jubilee Gardens, off North Promenade next door to The Venue.

Cleveleys bus station is also off Rough Lea Road, which is just a few yards walk into the centre of Cleveleys and Victoria Road West.

There is free (but limited) on-street parking all over the area, both on side streets and on the promenade.

Public toilets in Cleveleys are single cubicle style managed by Danfo and cost 20p to use. They can be found at the car park on Rough Lea Road behind Tesco, at the bus station and on the promenade at the cafe opposite Jubilee Gardens. 

Would you like to be Involved?

Cleveleys has been awarded a £10,000 government grant to establish a Coastal Community Team. 

Care for Cleveleys - with the Coastal Community Team

A small group are working on ways to do more of what works in Cleveleys, and improve anything that needs making better.

Volunteers from local businesses and the community are sought to help in in a variety of ways.

You can keep up to speed by joining the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ Facebook group, and using the hashtag #loveCleveleys 

Join Care for Cleveleys

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Cleveleys town centreCleveleys town centre

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